Juniper Village at Preston Hollow (2024)

Juniper Village at Preston Hollow

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Juniper Village at Preston Hollow provides
senior living including assisted living and Wellspring memory care. Our active senior living community is located in the prestigious Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas, TX.

Juniper offers 78 spacious assisted living suites, each with a private bath. Our secure memory care neighborhood features 24 suites and is designed after the gold-standard “small house” model.

Throughout our campus are cozy living spaces, inviting common areas, nicely landscaped walking paths, and a spacious outdoor courtyard.

We believe the keys to living well are keeping fit and staying socially connected. Juniper’s signature programs and individualized approach empower each resident to live their best life in their Third Act.

We invite you to stop by to experience the Juniper difference for yourself!

Your Living Choices

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Assisted Living

Assisted living is ideal for those who need help with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing, and medication management, but still want to maintain as much independence as possible. Meals, housekeeping, transportation, social activities, and access to on-site medical care offer a supportive environment and peace of mind. Therapy is offered through our partners from Powerback Rehabilitation.

Memory Care

Whether someone needs assistance with bathing and dressing, the safety of a secured environment, or meaningful activities to enrich their days, Memory Care offers personalized support for those living with dementia. Clinical oversight is coordinated by licensed nurses, and all team members, from dining to housekeeping, are trained in best practices in memory care. Onsite therapies to improve strength and independence are available through our partners from Powerback Rehabilitation.

The Juniper Difference!


Imagine the convenience of having a nurse practitioner, physical therapist, pharmacy, and lab service in your home. These services and more are available onsite through Connect4Life. Included with this evidence-based program is a personal medical concierge to coordinate it all.


Catalyst is Juniper’s program to empower a personalized, life-activated experience. We do this by designing programs that support the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, creating age-inclusive spaces, and incorporating new technologies. The result is a robust community where wellbeing thrives.


Juniper is proud to pilot evolving technologies to enhance the resident experience. From voice-first Alexa technology with Amazon, to ultraviolet light sanitation with R-Zero, to our robotic porter, Servi - Juniper is always leaning forward to "innovate for good".

H'art and Soul of Dining

Fresh produce, scratch-made meals, and accommodation of special diets create a dining experience that is both delicious and personalized. "All-day dining" offers flexibility with mealtimes. Our professionally trained team creates a warm atmosphere to nourish the body and spirit.

Juniper in the News

From Burning Man to connected health, Juniper Communities is honored to be a leader and innovator in the senior living industry. Visit Juniper in the News to read more about new initiatives, community awards, and quality service.


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“All of the team members at Juniper Village are great! They have been able to answer all of our families’ questions, gave us personalized help, and have ensured that our father is treated with dignity and respect. The community is clean, updated, and really is beautiful. For any family looking for assisted living or memory care for a loved one, I highly recommend this place. My father is happier than he has seemed in years. We have had nothing but a positive experience here.”



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Juniper Village at Preston Hollow (2024)


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