All Risk of Rain 2 items and equipment (2024)

There are heaps of Risk of Rain 2 items available in the game, all of which come in a range of rarities. In this guide, we go over all the different types of RoR items, how to unlock them, and what they do, so you can ensure you’re always well equipped to take on anything this dangerous world throws at you.

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Here’s everything in our guide to all Risk of Rain 2 items:

  • Common items
  • Uncommon items
  • Legendary items
  • Boss items
  • Void items
  • Equipment
  • Elite equipment

What are Risk of Rain 2 items?

Risk of Rain 2 items are useful pieces of equipment that can offer some brilliant passive and active abilities to help you in battle. Items spawn throughout the game, some coming from monster drops and treasure chests, while others are locked behind specific challenges. Whenever you pick up an item for the first time, it’s added to your logbook.

Items come in a variety of rarities, signified by the color of the border around them. Here are what each of the colors means:

  • White – common
  • Green – uncommon
  • Red – uncommon
  • Yellow – boss/planet
  • Blue – lunar
  • Purple – void
  • Orange – equipment

We’ll go into more detail about what each of these means in their respective sections below. However, we’ve excluded lunar, as we have an entire guide dedicated to Risk of Rain 2 lunar items and equipment.

Risk of Rain 2 passive items

As the name suggests, Risk of Rain 2 passive items give you a bonus for having them in your inventory. That’s right – you don’t need to do anything, simply owning them usually gives you a pretty decent buff. Of course, if you get rid of the item, the bonus it gives you is also removed. All items that aren’t equipment are considered passive items.

There’s no limit to how many passive items you can have. If you gain multiples of a specific item, they stack in your inventory, which applies the item’s effects in a particular way instead of each copy affecting you independently.

Common Risk of Rain 2 items

Here are all of the common Risk of Rain 2 itemsand what they do:

Risk of Rain 2 itemEffect
Armor-Piercing RoundsDeal an additional 20% damage to bosses
Backup MagazineAdds one charge to your secondary skill
Bison SteakIncreases your maximum health by 25
Bundle of FireworksWhen you activate an interactable, you also launch eight fireworks that deal 300% base damage
Bustling FungusAfter you stand still for one second, you create a zone that heals yourself and all allies within a 3m range for 4.5% of your health every second
Cautious SlugIncreases your base health regeneration by an additional three hp per second while outside of combat
CrowbarDeal an additional 75% damage to enemies with 90% health or more
Delicate Watch (Survivors of the Void DLC item)Increases your damage by 20%. If your health drops below 25%, this item breaks
Energy DrinkIncreases sprint speed by 25%
Focus CrystalIncreases the damage you deal to enemies within 13m by 20%
GasolineWhen you kill an enemy, you ignite all enemies within 12m for 150% base damage. Enemies burn for an additional 150% base damage
Item Scrap, WhiteDoes nothing, but you can use it with 3D Printers to exchange it for a different item
Lens-Maker’s GlassesYour attacks have a 10% chance to crit and deal double damage
MedkitTwo seconds after you get hurt, you heal for 20 plus an additional 5% of your maximum health
Mocha (Survivors of the Void DLC item)Increases your attack speed by 7.5% and your movement speed by 7%
Monster ToothWhen you kill an enemy, a healing orb spawns. The orb heals for eight, plus an additional 2% of your maximum health
Oddly-shaped Opal (Survivors of the Void DLC item)Increases your armour by 100 while out of danger
Paul’s Goat HoofIncreases your movement speed by 14%
Personal Shield GeneratorGives you a shield equal to 8% of your max health. The shield recharges when you’re out of danger
Power Elixir (Survivors of the Void DLC item)When you drop below 25% hp, you automatically consume this item, healing you for 75% of your max health
Repulsion Armor PlateReduces all incoming damage by five (but not below one)
Roll of Pennies (Survivors of the Void DLC item)Gain three gold whenever you take damage from an enemy. This scales over time
Rusted KeyPrompts a hidden cache containing an item to appear in a random location on each stage. The item has an 80% chance of being uncommon and a 20% chance of being a piece of equipment. Opening the cache consumes the Rusted Key
Soldier’s SyringeIncreases your attack speed by 15%
Sticky BombYou have a 5% chance to attach a bomb to an enemy upon hit. The bomb detonates for 180% total damage
Stun GrenadeYou have a 5% chance to stun enemies for two seconds on hit
Topaz BroochGain a temporary barrier for 15 health when you kill an enemy
Tougher TimesProvides you with a 15% chance to block incoming damage. Unaffected by luck
Tri-Tip DaggerYou have a 10% chance to bleed an enemy for 240% base damage
WarbannerWhen you level up or start a teleporter event, you drop a banner that strengthens all allies within 16m, raising attack and movement speed by 30%

Uncommon Risk of Rain 2 items

Here are all of the uncommon Risk of Rain 2 itemsand what they do:

Risk of Rain 2 itemEffect
AtG Missile Mk. 1Gives you a 10% chance to fire a missile that deals 300% total damage
BandolierThere’s an 18% chance that any enemy you kill drops an ammo pack that resets all of your skill cooldowns
Berzerker’s PauldronWhen you kill four enemies within one second, you go into a frenzy for six seconds, which increases your movement speed by 50% and your attack speed by 100%
ChronobaubleOn hit, you slow enemies for -60% of their movement speed for two seconds
Death MarkEnemies with four or more debuffs are ‘marked for death’, which increases their damage taken by 50% from all sources for seven seconds
Fuel CellAllows you to hold an additional equipment charge, and reduces your equipment cooldown by 15%
Ghor’s TomeWhen you kill an enemy, it has a 4% chance to drop a treasure worth $25. This scales over time
Harvester’s ScytheIncreases your critical chance by 5%. Critical strikes also heal you for eight of your health
Hopoo FeatherGain one maximum jump count
Hunter’s Harpoon (Survivors of the Void DLC item)When you kill an enemy, your movement speed increases by 125%, fading over one second
Ignition Tank (Survivors of the Void DLC item)Ignite effects deal an additional 300% damage over time
InfusionKilling an enemy permanently increases your health by one, up to a maximum of 100 health
Item Scrap, GreenDoes nothing, but you can use it with 3D Printers to exchange it for a different item
Kjaro’s BandIf your hit deals more than 400% damage, it also blasts enemies with a runic flame tornado, dealing 300% total damage over time. This recharges every ten seconds
Leeching SeedWhen you deal damage, you heal for one health
Lepton DaisyRelease a healing nova during the Teleporter event, healing all nearby allies for 50% of their maximum health
Old GuillotineInstantly kill elite monsters that have 13% health or less
Old War StealthkitIf you fall below 25% health, you gain 40% movement speed and invisibility for five seconds. Recharges every 30 seconds
Predatory InstinctsIncreases your critical chance by 5%. Critical strikes increase your attack speed by 12%, to a maximum cap of 36%
RazorwireWhen you get hit, you explode in a burst of razors, dealing 160% damage. This hits up to five targets in a 25m radius
Regenerating Scrap (Survivors of the Void DLC item)Does nothing, but you can use it with 3D Printers (preferably uncommon ones) to exchange it for a different item. This item regenerates at the beginning of each stage
Rose BucklerIncreases your armour by 30 while sprinting
Runald’s BandWhen your hits deal more than 400% damage, they also blast enemies with a runic ice blast, which slows them by 80% for three seconds and deals 250% total damage. Recharges every ten seconds
Shipping Request Form (Survivors of the Void DLC item)Spawns a delivery containing two items in a random location on each stage. The items inside have a 79% chance to be common, a 20% chance to be uncommon, and a one% chance to be equipment
Shuriken (Survivors of the Void DLC item)When you activate your primary skill, you also throw a shuriken that deals 400% base damage. You can hold up to three shurikens, all of which reload over ten seconds
Squid PolypWhen you activate an interactable, you summon a squid turret that attacks nearby enemies at 100% attack speed. The turret lasts for 30 seconds
UkuleleYou have a 25% chance to fire chain lightning for 80% total damage on up to three targets within 20m
War HornWhen you activate your equipment, you gain an additional 70% attack speed for eight seconds
Wax QuillJumping while sprinting boosts you forward by 10m
Will-o’-the-wispOn killing an enemy, you spawn a lava pillar in a 12m radius for 350% base damage

Legendary Risk of Rain 2 items

Here are all of the legendary Risk of Rain 2 items and what they do:

Risk of Rain 2 itemEffect
57 Leaf CloverAll random effects roll an additional one time for a favourable outcome
AegisHealing past full HP grants you a temporary barrier for 50% of the amount you healed
Alien HeadReduces all of your skill cooldowns by 25%
Ben’s Raincoat (Survivors of the Void DLC item)Prevents one debuff, instead granting you a temporary barrier for 10% of your maximum health. Recharges every five seconds
Bottle Chaos (Survivors of the Void DLC item)Trigger a random equipment effect one time
BrainstalksWhen you kill an elite monster, you enter a frenzy for four seconds where all of your skills have 0.5-second cooldowns
Brilliant BehemothAll of your attacks explode in a 4m radius, dealing a bonus 60% total damage to nearby enemies
Ceremonial DaggerWhen you kill an enemy, you fire out three homing daggers that deal 150% base damage
Defensive MicrobotsShoots down one projectile within 20m every 0.5 seconds. This item’s recharge rate scales with attack speed
Dio’s Best FriendWhen you die, you consume this item and revive with three seconds of invulnerability
Frost RelicWhen you kill an enemy, you are surrounded by an ice storm that deals 1200% damage per second, slowing enemies by 80% for 1.5 seconds. The storm grows with every kill, increasing its radius by 2m. Stacks up to 18m
H3AD-5T v2Increases your jump height. Also creates a 5m-100m radius kinetic explosion when you hit the ground, dealing 1,000%-10,000% base damage that scales up with fall distance. Recharges every ten seconds
Happiest MaskWhen you kill an enemy, there’s a 7% chance you’ll spawn a ghost of the killed enemy with 1500% damage. Lasts 30 seconds
Harlight AfterburnerAdds two charges to your utility skill, and reduces the cooldown of your utility skill by 33%
Interstellar Desk PlantWhen you kill an enemy, you plant a healing fruit seed that grows after five seconds. The resulting plant heals you and all allies within a ten-metre radius for 5% maximum health every 0.5 seconds. Lasts ten seconds
Item Scrap, redDoes nothing, but you can use it with 3D Printers to exchange it for a different item
Laser Scope (Survivors of the Void DLC item)Your critical strikes deal an additional 100% damage
N’kuhana’s OpinionStore 100% of healing as soul energy. After your soul energy reaches 10% of your maximum health, you fire a skull that deals 250% of your soul energy as damage
Pocket I.C.B.M. (Survivors of the Void DLC item)All missile items and equipment fire an additional two missiles
Rejuvenation RackHeal +100% more
Resonance DiscWhen you kill four enemies in seven seconds or less, you charge the Resonance Disc. The disc launches itself toward a target for 300% base damage, piercing all enemies it doesn’t kill. It then explodes for 1,000% base damage, and returns to you, striking all enemies along the way for 300% base damage
Sentient Meat HookOn hitting an enemy, you have a 20% chance to fire homing hooks at up to ten enemies for 100% total damage
Shattering JusticeAfter you hit an enemy five times, their armour reduces by 60 for eight seconds
Soulbound CatalystWhen you kill an enemy, your equipment cooldown reduces by four seconds
Spare Drone Parts (Survivors of the Void DLC item)You gain Col. Droneman. Drones gain an additional 50% attack speed and cooldown reduction, and a 10% chance to fire a missile on hit, dealing 300% total damage. They also gain an automatic chain gun that deals 6×100% damage, bouncing to two enemies
Symbiotic ScorpionWhen hitting an enemy, you have a 100% chance to permanently reduce their armour by two
Unstable Tesla CoilFire out lightning that hits three enemies for 200% base damage every 0.5 seconds. The Tesla Coil switches off every ten seconds
Wake of VulturesGain the power of any elite monster you kill for eight seconds

Risk of Rain 2 boss items

Boss items, also known as planet items, are rewards that drop from Teleporter bosses. All boss items are passive, and each one represents a signature attack or characteristic of its corresponding boss. They can only drop from their respective Teleporter boss, and cannot be obtained through chests.

Risk of Rain 2 itemEffectObtain from
Artifact KeyA special item you can use to damage the Artifact ReliquaryBulwark’s Ambyr
Charged PerforatorUpon hitting an enemy, you have a 10% chance to dish out a lightning strike, dealing 500% damageOverloading Worm
Defense Nucleus (Survivors of the Void DLC item)When you kill an elite monster, you spawn an Alpha Construct with a bonus 300% damage and 300% health. Limited to fourXi Construct
Empathy CoresSummon two Solus probes every 30 seconds. They gain an additional 100% damage per ally on your teamSolus Control Unit
Genesis LoopIf you fall below 25% health, you explode, dealing 6000% base damage. They recharge every 30 secondsWandering Vagrant
Halcyon SeedAllows you to summon Aurelionite during the teleporter event. It has 100% damage and healthAurelionite
Irradiant PearlIncreases all of your stats by 10%Cleansing Pool
Item Scrap, YellowDoes nothing, but you can use it with 3D Printers to exchange it for a different item
Little DiscipleAllows you to fire a tracking wisp for 300% damage. Fires every 1.6 seconds while you’re sprinting. Fire rate increases with your movement speedGrovetender
Mired UrnWhile in combat, the nearest enemy to you within 13m is tethered to you, dealing 100% damage per second and applying tar to enemies, and healing you for 100% of damage dealtClay Dunestrider
Molten PerforatorOn hit, you have a 10% chance to call forth three magma balls from an enemy, dealing 300% damage eachMagma Worm
PearlIncreases your maximum health by 10%Cleansing Pool
PlanulaWhen you receive damage, you heal for 15 health pointsGrandparent
Queen’s GlandEvery 30 seconds, you summon a beetle guard with a bonus 300% damage and 100% health. You can have one guard at a timeBeetle Queen
ShatterspleenGrants you 5% critical chance. Your critical strikes bleed enemies for 240% base damage. Bleeding enemies explode on death for 400% damage, plus an additional 15% of their maximum healthImp Overlord
Titanic KnurlIncreases your maximum health by 40, and your base health regeneration by 1.6 hp per secondStone Titan

Risk of Rain 2 Void items

Risk of Rain 2 void items are passive items unique to the Survivors of the Void expansion. While their bonuses can be pretty substantial, they also apply a corruption status to their non-void counterparts. Through corruption, the original items are transformed into void items – for example, if you own 57 Leaf Clovers, and then pick up a Benthic Bloom, all of your 57 Leaf Clovers turn into Benthic Blooms. In short, it’s impossible for a void item to coexist in your inventory alongside its uncorrupted counterpart.

The only way to find void items is through rare void cradles that are spotted throughout maps.

Risk of Rain 2 itemEffect
Benthic BloomUpgrades three random items to the next higher rarity at the start of each stage (e.g. common to uncommon, uncommon to rare). Corrupts all of your 57 Leaf Clovers
Encrusted KeyPrompts hidden cache containing an item (60% chance to be common, 30% chance to be uncommon, 10% chance to be equipment) to spawn at a random location on each stage. Opening the cache consumes the Encrusted Key. Corrupts all Rusted Keys
Lost Seer’s LensesYour attacks have a 0.5% chance to instantly kill a boss enemy. Corrupts all Lens-Maker’s Glasses
Lysate CellAdds one charge to your special skill, and reduces your special skill cooldown by 33%. Corrupts all Fuel Cells
NeedletickHas a 10% chance to collapse an enemy for 400% base damage. Corrupts all Tri-Tip Daggers
Newly Hatched ZoeaGain a random void ally every 60 seconds. You can only have one ally at a time. Corrupts all yellow items
Plasma ShrimpProvides you with a shield equal to 10% of your maximum health. While your shield is enabled, hitting an enemy fires a missile that deals 40^ total damage. Corrupts all AtG Missile Mk. 1s
Pluripotent LarvaIf you die, you consume this item and revive with three seconds of invulnerability. Corrupts all corruptible items on consumption. Corrupts all Tougher Times on collection
PolyluteYou have a 25% chance to fire lightning for 60% total damage up to three times. Corrupts all Ukuleles
Safer SpacesBlocks incoming damage once. Recharges after 15 seconds. Corrupts all Tougher Times
Singularity BandWhen your hits deal more than 400% damage, they also fire a black hole that draws enemies within 15m into its centre. These black holes last five seconds before collapsing, dealing 100% total damage. Recharges every 20 seconds. Corrupts all Runald’s and Kjaro’s Bands
TentabaubleYou have a %5 chance to root enemies for one second on hit. Corrupts all Chronobaubles
Voidsent FlameUpon hitting an enemy at full health, you spawn a lava pillar in a 12m radius for 260% base damage. Corrupts all Will-o’-the-wisps
Weeping FungusHeals 2% of your health for every second you spend sprinting. Corrupts all Bustling Fungi

Risk of Rain 2 equipment

In Risk of Rain 2, equipment are items that offer no passive bonus but instead must be activated, much like a skill. They often offer an extremely powerful effect but come lumped with extremely long cooldowns. You can only hold one piece of equipment at a time – if you try to pick up a second one, you end up swapping them instead.

Risk of Rain itemEffectCooldown
Blast ShowerCleanses all negative effects including debuffs, damage over time, and nearby projectiles20 seconds
Disposable Missile LauncherFire off a swarm of 12 missiles that deal 300% damage each45 seconds
Eccentric VaseCreate a quantum tunnel of up to 1000m in length that lasts 30 seconds45 seconds
Executive Card (Survivors of the Void DLC content)Whenever you make a gold purchase, you get 10% of the gold you spent back. If the purchase is a multishop terminal, the other terminals remain open0.1 seconds
Foreign FruitInstantly heal for 50% of your maximum health45 seconds
Forgive Me PleaseThrow a cursed doll out that triggers any on-kill effects you have every one second for eight seconds45 seconds
Fuel ArrayCannot be activated manually. Automatically activates if your max HP falls below 50%, triggering an explosion that deals massive damage and knockback in an AoE. The Fuel Array destroys itself after useN/A
Gnarled WoodspriteYou gain a Woodsprite follower that heals you for 1.5% of your max HP per second. Alternatively, you can send the Woodsprite to an ally and heal them for 10% of their max HP15 seconds
Goobo Jr. (Survivors of the Void DLC content)Spawn a gummy clone that has 300% damage and 300% health. Expires after 30 seconds100 seconds
Gorang’s OpusSends all allies into a frenzy for seven seconds, increasing their movement speed by 50% and attack speed by 100%45 seconds
Jade ElephantGain 500 armour for five seconds45 seconds
Milky ChrysalisSprout wings and fly for 15 seconds. Gain an additional 20% movement speed for the duration60 seconds
Molotov (6-Pack) (Survivors of the Void DLC content)Throw six Molotov co*cktails which ignite enemies for 500% base damage. Each Molotov leaves a burning area for 200% damage per second45 seconds
Ocular HUDGain an additional 100% critical strike chance for eight seconds60 seconds
Preon AccumulatorFire preon tendrils, zapping enemies within 35m for up to 600% damage per second. On contact, the tendrils detonate in an enormous 20m explosion for 4,000% damage140 seconds
Primordial CubeFire a black hole that draws enemies within 30m into its centre. Lasts ten seconds60 seconds
Radar ScannerReveal all interactables within 500m for ten seconds45 seconds
RecyclerTransform an item or a piece of equipment into a different one of the same tier45 seconds
Remote Caffeinator (Survivors of the Void DLC content)Request an Eclipse Zero Vending Machine. The vending machine arrives in five seconds, dealing 2,000% damage, and healing up to three targets for 25% of their maximum health60 seconds
Royal CapacitorCall down a lightning strike on a targeted monster, dealing 3,000% damage and stunning nearby enemies20 seconds
SawmerangThrow three large saw blades that slice through enemies for 400% damage each. Each saw can also apply bleed, dealing an additional 100% damage per seconds, and can strike enemies again on the way back45 seconds
Super Massive LeechHeal for 20% of the damage you deal. Lasts eight seconds60 seconds
The Back-upCall four strike drones to fight for you. Lasts for 25 seconds100 seconds
The CrowdfunderFire a continuous barrage that deals 100% damage per bullet. Costs $1 per bullet. Cost increases over timeN/A
Trophy Hunter’s Tricorn (Survivors of the Void DLC content)Execute any enemy capable of spawning a unique reward, and it will drop that item. This piece of equipment is consumed on use60 seconds
Trophy Hunter’s Tricorn (Consumed) (Survivors of the Void DLC content)The consumed version of the above item. Looks kinda cool, but that’s about itN/A
Volcanic EggTurn into a draconic fireball for five seconds, dealing 500% damage on impact. Detonates at the end for 800^ damage30 seconds

Risk of Rain 2 elite equipment

Similar to boss items, Risk of Rain 2 elite equipment are items that grant you powers of their corresponding elite enemies. Despite being called equipment, they’re closer in function to passive items, as their benefits are applied passively as soon as you equip them. However, elite equipment is still restricted to an active item slot, so you can’t stack them and you can only equip one at a time.

Elite equipment is super rare, with a 0.025% base drop rate from its respective elite enemy. This chance is marginally affected by your in-game luck, but they’re still pretty tough to get your paws on. When you have a piece of elite equipment activated, it allows you to take on the effects of the corresponding elite’s attacks – for example, having Her Biting Embrace active imbues your attacks with the Glacial Elite’s properties, such as slowing enemies on hit.

Risk of Rain 2 itemEffectObtained from
Her Biting EmbraceBecome an aspect of iceGlacial Elite
His Reassurance (Survivors of the Void DLC content)Become an aspect of earthMending Elite
Ifrit’s DistinctionBecome an aspect of fireBlazing Elite
N’kuhana’s RetortBecome an aspect of corruptionMalachite Elite
Shared DesignBecome an aspect of perfectionPerfected Elite
Silence Between Two StrikesBecome an aspect of lightningOverloading Elite
Spectral CircletBecome an aspect of incorporealityCelestine Elite

And that’s it – every Risk of Rain 2 item and equipment in the game. Now you’re all suited and booted and ready to dominate the universe, check out our list of the best space games to spread your wings a little further.

All Risk of Rain 2 items and equipment (2024)


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