Acellus Grading Scale (2024)

1. Ask Our Official Support Team - Acellus Academy Grading Scale

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  • Mahara is an open source ePortfolio and social networking web application. It provides people with tools to create and maintain a digital portfolio of their learning and social networking features to allow them to interact with each other.

2. [PDF] Acellus Manual

  • Set the Grading Scale. The Acellus system calculates grades based on a Grading Scale. Acellus provides three “standard” Grad- ing Scales to get you started ...

3. FAQ | Acellus Academy

4. Acellus Academy Honors Regalia

  • Cum Laude (3.5 GPA or higher) — 1 Cord (gold & blue) · Magna Cum Laude (3.7 GPA or higher) — 2 Cords (blue + gold & blue) · Summa Cum Laude (3.9 GPA or higher) — ...

5. Online High School Graduation Requirements | Acellus Academy

  • Total: 26.0 Credits. Note: To qualify for graduation with honors, a minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.

  • Learn the requirements to graduate from Acellus Academy High School. Earn a minimum of 24 essential credits or more and set yourself up for success after high school graduation.

6. [PDF] Acellus

7. Students Improve Grades with 'Retake For Credit' Feature - Acellus

  • 8 dec 2017 · Acellus will use the last score from each Lesson no matter how many times the student has repeated it. These final efforts on their ...

  • Currently in Acellus, when students do not do well on an exam, they can opt to retake the exam for a higher score. However, until now this has not been the case for lessons. Even a few low scores on Lessons can add up and lower a student’s overall course grade. Although some students are not bothered by little dips in their Lesson scores, others would even be willing to complete extra work just to improve their grade. Interestingly, if a teacher — or even Acellus — were to assign students to retake the lessons they struggled with, most of them would not be sufficiently motivated to complete the work. To solve this important but sensitive issue — and staying consistent with the Success Zone model — Acellus has a new feature that allows students to choose to retake any lesson that they scored poorly on, or any lesson they wish for whatever reason. Acellus gives the control over retaking lessons to the students. To take advantage of this feature, students can go to the “Score” section in their student interface and determine which, if any, assignments they have  completed that they would like to “Retake for Credit.” Once students click on a lesson to ‘Retake,’ Acellus immediately takes them to that particular lesson. As soon as they have completed it, Acellus returns them to their previous position in the course. Acellus will use the last score from each Lesson no matter how many times the student has repeated it. These final efforts on their assignments are the scores that will...

8. [PDF] Acellus - Amazon S3

  • score your student made on graded portions of the course. Page 15. Today's Work. This section will give you information on.

9. Home School: acellus academy homeschool report card

  • In addition, Enlightium supports high-achieving students via personalized learning. Students who score above average at their grade level in the diagnostic ...

  • acellus academy homeschool report card Home School

10. Acellus/Power Homeschool - TheHomeSchoolMom

  • Acellus Academy provides online instruction to students in grades K-12 through the Acellus ... Pros: Structured Lesson Schedule, Parent View, Grading System ...

  • Acellus resources are available through Acellus Academy, an accredited online private school, headquartered in Kansas City Missouri, and Power Homeschool, a flexible online resource with affordable classes designed for students to learn at their own pace. Both are programs of the International Academy of Science, a non-profit organization with a long history and mission of Continue reading »

11. Why You Shouldn't Use Acellus (among others)

  • 17 feb 2020 · Acellus also has Acellus Academy, which offers a full curriculum, and is an accredited online school. My daughter is currently in 5th grade with ...

  • Update 2023: I have been a hater of Acellus for years, but even I was surprised to see the turn of events in the last week. The founder of Acellus accused homeschoolers of being cheaters, removed a…

12. [PDF] Comprehensive Final Report Acellus - Hawaii DOE

  • curriculum management system. Transmittal of the ... elementary (grades ... Quantitative Data. The review panel completed a combined total of 84 reviews covering ...

Acellus Grading Scale (2024)


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